90 Attend Historical Society’s Winter Presentation

Egg Harbor Baseball Team

Egg Harbor baseball team celebrates a game at Newport in front of Baringers Inn in Fish Creek (Now Summertime Restaurant).

The Egg Harbor Historical Society’s program presented by Giz Herbst with additional resource information provided by past and present Egg Harbor residents Pete LeMere, Judi Haen Dexheimer, Eileen Birnschein Roberts, and Bill Bertschinger was a great success.

Ninety folks from near and far packed Shipwrecked and had a good time bunched together on a cold winter’s  Sunday afternoon.  It was a chance to renew acquaintances and rehash old stories, anything considered an old story is talking history and history is fun.

The hour long slide presentation at Shipwrecked Brewpub centered on the ‘downtown’ area of the village and “Sites A Stone’s Throw Away From Shipwrecked – 1850s-1950s.”

Honored guests at the program were Marie Wulf Mikels, Myrtle Martens Felhofer, and Norbert Haberli. Marie Wulf Mikels was able to point out her bedroom window in a 1910 photo of the Wilson Store that her parents Milton and Maris Wulf owned.

Later, Bill Bertschinger brought up an incident where he was accused of shooting holes in the front window of the Harbor Inn (Shipwrecked) with his BB gun (Bill still claims his innocence).

Stories such as Marie’s and Bill’s are what make local history fun!

Host Joe Smith, manager of Shipwrecked, provided snacks and a warm atmosphere for the Historical Society’s  winter onsite presentation.