Presentation on Kewaunee House and More Feb. 22

Kewaunee House 1910

The Kewaunee House in 1910. It’s now known as Shipwrecked.

The Egg Harbor Historical Society will present a program titled “The Kewaunee House (Shipwrecked) and Sites a Stones Throw Away – 1850s-1950s” at Shipwrecked in ‘downtown’ Egg Harbor Sunday, Feb. 22 at 3 pm. 

The slideshow presentation will highlight the sites as well as some of the events and characters that were instrumental in the sites, such as a 1932  county-wide raid by 62 Federal Agents on the “Soft Drink Parlors” during the prohibition years, which resulted in the arrest of 26 Door County folks.  

Judi Dexheimer remembers growing up across the highway from Murphy Moore’s Harbor Inn during the 1940’s and 1950s.  Her parents owned and operated Haen’s Harbor Service. During the day her mother Helen pumped gas and took care of customers,  at the same time raising a family, while her dad Harvey picked up five passengers in his Model A to go to work in the Sturgeon Bay Shipyards during WW II, just one of the many memories of growing up in ‘downtown’ Egg Harbor. 

Some new revelations came when researching for the program, one being a place in the 1880s called the LaPlant House just across the street from the Kewaunee House where every second Saturday of the month a “Cattle Show and Fair” was held for sale and exchange of cattle, horses, sheep and hog advertised with “ample accommodations for man and beast.”

Those are just two of many historic reflections in the slide show event that will bring us back to a little corner of the world, the Village of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. Shipwrecked will be open throughout the presentation so you can enjoy the presentation with food and drinks.